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The working principle of biomass gasifier

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The working principle and technical of biomass gasifier generator

Gasifier Technical


Biomassgasifier is a process which transfer the solid fuel (wood/wood waste,agriculture residual and straw) to combustible gas. Control the reactionprocess, make the carbon, protium to CO, H2, CH4 and other combustible gas, andtransfer most of power of biomass to combustible gas. This is the meaning ofgasifier.     


The principle of biomass gasfier: Biomass material fed into the reactor, after drying, and lift the temperature, the inside volatile matter start pyrolysis in high temperature. The gas and carbon after pyrolysis react and combust in oxidation zone with air, produce CO2 and steam, the gas after combust react with layer of carbon in reducing zone(C+CO2=2CO、C+HO2=H2+CO), generate combustible  gas with content CO、H2、CH4、CmHn, leads from bottoms, after purification system of tar and other impurities, the gas can be used. The ash will be expel from the bottom of gasifier stove.

The gasifier stove is a chemical reactor, the feeder vibrate to make part of oxygen react and gasify(temperature between 800-1200℃) Inside of it making complex physical and chemical react. When the straw fed into stove, every part has its own main chemical and heat react.The fuel must goes through every part to be dried, pyrolysis, oxidation and reducing to making gas.

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