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Q&A for new pellet mill custuomers

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questions and answers before buying.

Grandlink help people to build up pellet line and making biomass  fuels. Here are some questions and answers for friends who interested in setting up new pellet line. 

1. Q: What kind of raw material can be made to biomass pellets?

A: All the biology, which can provide heat energy, can be made to biomass pellet.

2. Q: Is there any moisture and size requirement for making wood pellets?

A: Yes. Take sawdust and wood shavings for example, the raw material must get through 12mm*12mm screen, (the branches, leaves, wood board must be crushed). The moisture should between 10%-16%,  not exceed 2% from max to min, if the moisture is too high, we need the dryer. If the moisture is too low, we can mix some wet sawdust to suitable moisture.

3. Q: If I only buy one pellet mill, no support equipment, can I make wood pellets?

A: Sure, but the precondition is control your raw material size and moisture. You can contact us to discuss it.

4. Q: What's the different between MZLH-420 and MLH-508? Why we call it 420 and 508?

A: 420 and 508 is the size of ring die inner diameter, 420mm one called 420 model pellet mill, 508mm ring die called 508 model pellet mill, this name is inherit from feed pellet mill. The difference is power and capacity, MZLH-420 is 90kw, produce wood pellet 1-1.5T/h. MZLH-508 is 110kw, produce 1.5-2T/h wood pellet.

5. Q: How do you arrange a pellet line? Can I use many pellet mill in one line?

A:  Many pellet mill can be used in one line. You can use less workers if do so, more automatically. 

6. Q: Can I visit the running pellet plant?

A: We have pellet line customers in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Welcome to contact us.

7. Q: What's the capacity for a ring die pellet mill? What's the wearing parts? What's the cost in 1 ton wood pellet?

A: The main wearing part is ring die(420 ring die can make 800-1000 ton wood pellets, 508 ring die can make 1000-1200 ton wood pellets).  Roller shell(5-6 roller shells to support 1 ring die life.). Roller bearing (normally can use more than 15 working days, 45 days at most according our engineers teach.) Fuel consumption etc.  All the loss cost convert in one ton wood pellet is $2.5~$4.1.

For more information, please contact sales@pelletmillchina.com

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